Scripts to Rent

Many of the plays seen at Elm Street are stage adaptations created by Artistic Director G. Lora Grooms.   These scripts are available to other groups – community theaters, schools and churches.   Her scripts have been produced successfully across the country – not only here in Woodstock!  And any script may be adjusted to suit the needs of your organization.

For example, if you were interested in using the script for Robin Hood and you wanted fewer Merry Folk or more Town Folk, just tell us how many characters you’d like to have and the script will be re-worked to that cast size. Maybe you want to use the script for Treasure Island but you’d prefer having a musical version with songs. We can create group songs and/or solos to your specifications. You might want to perform Cinderella without any songs. We can re-write the script, removing the songs and providing dialogue that will replace the lyrics so none of the story is lost. Or perhaps you will be having very young actors in your production and you want to minimize the vocabulary or the amount of dialogue to make easier for them to have a successful experience.  She can do that, too!

From California:

“…we opened A Little Princess this weekend and it is artistically one of the best shows we’ve done. With your magical adaptation, a wonderful director and beautiful costumes, we have a show that keeps the attention of even four year olds! Thank you so much!” - J.L. Polhemus, Youth Education/Entertainment Series (Y.E.S.), Santa Monica, CA

For details and a list of available titles just go to or call the office at 678-494-4251.