School Tour 2014

iThink’s next School Tour begins in February 2014!

Please email for available dates and times at
Booking for the 2014 School Tour will begin on July 29, 2013.



Each iThink performance is live and interactive. The performances are geared toward a school assembly-type format and last approximately 45-50 minutes. Students who attend may get a chance to provide their own creativity for the show. Each performance will be structured according to the available troupe members. Here’s a breakdown of what is involved in iThink’s school performances.

  • The iThink troupe members will be performing short scripted plays lasting approximately 15 minutes of the show. Only one of the following plays can be chosen for each performance: PLAY TITLES WILL BE REVEALED ON JULY 29, 2013.
  • Build-a-Story: iThink will create and perform a story or skit instantaneously with the students through suggestion and participation. The stories created will be educational, interactive, and TONS of fun! All stories are age-appropriate.
  • Class Stories: Schools will submit stories that have to do with any creative or educational topic (cartoons, sports, etc.). The Troupe Leader will choose 4-5 written stories and the troupe then performs each story for the audience with little to no preparation.

Interested in bringing this program to your school? Call us at 678.494.4251 or email us at