Callbacks and Casting

Thank you for your interest in The Crucible, On Golden Pond, Ghost Tales & Trails, and Main Street Mail. Please make sure to look at every list, there are people who were called back to multiple shows. If you will be attending your callback please email and let us know you will be attending! Break a leg!

The cast list for the Crucible is below! Please send an email to to let us know if accept the role! Thank you to everyone else who auditioned, we hope to see you all again in the near future!

The first rehearsal for the Crucible is on Tuesday, August 4th, from 6:30 – 9:30pm! Please bring appropriate clothing, paper, pencil, highlighter, a water bottle, and if you are 18 or younger, please bring the $50 production fee to the first rehearsal! The cast list is in order by actor’s last name!

The Crucible:



Annie Bat – Mary Warren

Evan Bra – Giles Corey

Colton Com – Reverend Samuel Parris

Kathy Dow – Rebecca Nurse

Mike Jen – Deputy-Governor Danforth

Darrell Jol – Judge Hathorne

Audrey Lea – Betty Parris

Beth Lea – Mercy Lewis

Amy McG – Sarah Good

Joanna Mey – Ann Putnam

Jessica Smi – Elizabeth Proctor

Jon Smi – Reverend John Hale

Tom Str – Francis Nurse

Isabelle Vin – Susanna Wallcott

Bennett Wel – Abigail Williams

Brandon Wil – John Proctor


Callbacks for Ghost Tales and Trails will be Monday, August 3rd, from 7pm to 9pm

Ghost Tales and Trails:

Carrie Aco

Savannah Car

Veronica San

Michael Gut

Shannon Pur

Darrell Jol

Faith Bor

Joanna Mye

Amy McG


Callbacks for Main Street Mail will be Tuesday, August 4th, from 8pm to 10pm.

Tom Str

Elaine San

Kathy Dow

Brenda Orc

Nina Fra

Melinda Dou

Tony Va


Callbacks for On Golden Pond will be Wednesday, August 5th, from 7pm to 10pm

Elaine San

Justin Col

Tom Str

Michael Gut

Teresa Har

Brenda Orc

Melinda Dou

Chuck Joh

Carson Gro

Ginny Sli

Tamie Cla