2015 Mini Movie Contest

iThink is bringing your imagination to LIFE in a whole new way!

As part of our FREE school tour, we ask students to pre-write stories for us to perform LIVE and spontaneously! But we only get to select and perform a few of the MANY stories we receive at each school we visit.
So iThink hatched a plan…Why don’t we try to bring those stories we don’t use in our school performance to LIFE in a different way—as a MINI-MOVIE! Yes, iThink is bringing stories to LIFE onstage and on the web!

Thank you to all the schools we visited! We had hundreds of stories turned in for our School Tour and it was very hard to choose only six! After careful judging, iThink has chosen the following six stories as winners in the 2014 iThink MINI-MOVIE contest:

Untitled – Ball Ground ES
The Story of Bob – Clayton ES
Marshmallow V.S Man – Woodstock ES
Hilumonster – Johnston ES
Corny Story – Liberty ES
Trouble in the Diner – Knox ES

NOTE: Due to some technical complications and loss of footage, our 2013 Mini-Movie Winners will also be produced at the same time. 2013 Mini Movies will be published first. We apologize for the delay in producing the following short films:

Traveling in the Music – Woodstock ES
Detective Squirrel at Circus Camp – Clayton ES
The Roarless Dragon – Johnston ES
I Will Dance Soon – Hickory Flat ES
The Big Potato – R M Moore ES
Lucky Penny – Indian Knoll ES

MINI-MOVIES will be filmed over the summer and published at the beginning of the next school year.

Before we begin filming a MINI-MOVIE of a student’s story, we want to make sure that everyone understands what iThink will be putting on YouTube. The contents of the iThink YouTube MINI-MOVIE video are as follows:

-Student’s name & grade will be PRIVATE information and will NOT be used in the making or production of this film.
-We will be using the Title of the story and the school the student attends (i.e. “The Heroic Ladybug”: an original story by a student from Woodstock Elementary)
-All characters will be portrayed by the iThink Improv Troupe
-Character names MAY be changed due to privacy.
-The story will be shown in the film as captions and read-aloud by an iThink troupe member.
-This MINI-MOVIE is for entertainment purposes only and follow the by-laws and requirements of YouTube. Nothing is copyrighted and the videos can and will be shared with iThink’s public audience. Comments will be monitored. Everything is to remain family-friendly.

Check out our MINI-MOVIE winners from past years! iThink MINI-MOVIE Contest Winners:
~ “The Mystery of the Walking Bag” –Arnold Mill Elementary
~ “Good Santa vs. Evil Santa” –Woodstock Elementary
~ “The Bunnies & the Monster” –Canton Elementary
~ “A Dog Named Alex” –Boston Elementary
~ “Medevil Tournament” –Hasty Elementary
~ “Enrique of Nijar Reef” –Clayton Elementary
~ “Sensei is Trapped!” –Liberty Elementary
~ “The Missing Rare Banana” — Boston Elementary
~ “Leprechaun Power!” — Hasty Elementary
~ “Vultaria and Airatluv” — Woodstock Elementary
~ “Words of the Wombat” — Boston Elementary
~ “The Sleepover That Changed Everything” — Woodstock Elementary

Check out our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/ithinkimprov