Comments from opening weekend:

Ginger E.
“What a wonderful show! Everyone looking for a great night of laughter and entertainment should be sure to be at one of the shows next weekend!”

Perry T.

Nunsense cast steals the show. You won’t believe we have so much talent in Woodstock,Georgia. Don’t miss this outstanding show at the Woodstock City Center Auditorium August 19-27.  It’s Great!

Louise B.
As good as anything I’ve ever seen at the Fox!   Wonderful show!

Judi W.

Okay – just got back from seeing NUNSENSE at ESCAV….. hands down the funniest show I’ve seen in a very long time!! prodigious talent on that stage hands down!!! If you haven’t planned on seeing it – you need to…. It really is THAT GOOD!!! :0) Huge Kudos to Ms.Grooms, Siobhan, Taryn, Erin & Lane!!! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment!! See you all again next Friday!! :0) ♥

Mike K.
just came from seeing Nunsense, starring G Lora Grooms, Taryn Chidebelu-Eze, Layne Livingston, Siobhan Brumbelow, and Erin Wilson. It was really super awesome, as a cast like that could not fail to be. Definitely go give it a try. You’ll not regret it, and it’s only running a few more shows, so hurry up. What are you waiting for?

Stephanie T.
Hilarious show, everyone should see it! We loved it last night!

The Little Sisters of Hoboken display their divine talents in a zany benefit revue. In an effort to raise money for their fallen Sisters–unfortunate victims of a convent cooking accident–Mother Superior and her order of eccentric and endearing nuns show the lighter side of being Catholic. With riotous dance numbers, show-stopping songs and side-splitting wit, you’ll swear Nunsense was heaven-sent!
August 19, 20, 26, 27 at 7:30pm
August 20 & 27 at 2pm
The Elm Street Players
at City Center Auditorium
8534 Main St  Woodstock, Ga  30188
Click here to order tickets online!

Sister Mary Regina………………..​….G. Lora Grooms
Sister Mary Hubert………………..​….Taryn Chidebelu-Eze
Sister Robert Anne………………….​..Erin Wilson
Sister Mary Amnesia……………….​…Siobhan Brumbelow
Sister Mary Leo…………………..​……Layne Livingston
Musical Accompaniment by Amy Noel Welch

Artistic Director, G Lora Grooms, along with Sister Mary Annette from the musical Nunsense receive a sponsorship check from Vicki Aghajanian, Regional Sales Executive for LGE while Amber Parisio, Ashley Rowe, Katie Wise and Kenny Perkins from the Woodstock LGE Branch look on.  Thank you LGE for your support of the arts in Woodstock!

Sponsored by LGE