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Woodstock Arts started as a local non-profit theatre in 2002.

Woodstock Arts has a mission to engage community with relevant art experiences every day. Woodstock Arts provides performing arts productions, outdoor concerts, visual arts exhibits, cultural events, classes, and camps to and with the surrounding community. Woodstock Arts was formed to provide not only theatrical arts but visual arts, music, dance, and culinary arts. To do so, we collaborated with the City of Woodstock on acquiring a 4-acre property and green space to grow this vision.

Every journey starts with a question. Be Bold, challenge everything, seek creativity.

This is the dream that started it all. Since 2002, Woodstock Arts has been supplying performing arts productions, world-class concerts, innovative art exhibitions, in-depth classes, and exciting camps. This is only possible through the help of our community. Come join us! Let’s create vibrancy.

Since 2002, Woodstock Arts Theatre has been providing world-class theatre productions in the heart of Woodstock. Since then, the theatre has expanded to attract the Greater Northern Atlanta area with professional and semi-professional talent as well as receiving 9 Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards.

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The Lantern Series is designed to bring world-renowned artists to our community. The series consists of different genres, backgrounds, and ideologies in hopes of bringing the community together to find a literal and figurative common ground.

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The Reeves House Visual Arts Center, established in May 2021, is a cultural beacon for the community, offering an expansive gallery space for local, regional, and national artists. This center is not just a gallery, but a place for learning and connection featuring a coffee/wine bar and a large education studio for art classes and camps. It’s a venue where the community can gather for diverse programming, including events like jazz nights, tie-in talks, and hands-on craft classes. With a coffee shop/wine bar on-site, the Reeves House is a welcoming space for all to explore and appreciate the transformative power of art.

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Woodstock Arts is proud to offer classes and camps (for both adults and children) that provide training in theatre, performance arts, and visual arts.

We’ve extended our outreach by giving schools opportunities to creatively participate in programming such as RepTouR – a trained group of students that perform for over 10,000 students every year.

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The heart of our mission is possible thanks to the help of our community. There’s a place for everyone to get involved here! Together our collective contributions to Woodstock Arts create vibrancy.

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As a non-profit, our generous donors are the engine behind all we do. Thank you for helping us create beautiful stories. All donations made to Woodstock Arts are fully tax-deductible.

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The Team

Creating vibrancy is possible, thanks to the help from our community. There’s a place for everyone and together our collective contributions create vibrancy in Woodstock.

Braz WA Headshot

Christopher Brazelton

Executive Director

Brian WA Headshot

Brian Gamel

Managing Director

Nicole WA Headshot

Nicole Lampl

Visual Arts Director

Zach WA Headshot

Zach Stolz

Theatre Artistic Director

Kyle WA Headshot

Kyle Eason

Theatre Education Manager

Harmony WA Headshot

Harmony Reid

Visual Arts Education Manager

Beth WA Headshot

Beth Fields

Development Manager

Lindsay WA Headshot

Lindsay Lutes

Business Manager

Libby WA Headshot

Libby Williams

Marketing Manager

Debbie WA Headshot

Debbie Tidwell

Reeves House Studio Manager

Heather WA Headshot

Heather Stevens

Kish Center Studio Manager

Liz Siegel

Coffee Shop and Wine Bar Manager

Camille Watwood

Volunteer Coordinator

Joe Lemmo

WIT Improv Troupe Director

Lakyn Cole

Theatre Production Manager

Chris Keil

Operations and Programs Manager

Board of Directors

Creating vibrancy is possible, thanks to the help from our community. There’s a place for everyone and together our collective contributions create vibrancy in Woodstock.

Katie - 2-min

Katie Caldwell


Katie OConnor-min

Katie O'Connor

Vice President
Brian - 2-min

Brian Volk

Ashley - 2-min

Ashley Velez

Kenneth - 2-min

Kenneth Hair

Governance Chair

Tim Cibene

Marketing Chair
Paula - 2-min

Paula Nix

Community Engagement
Stephanie - 2-min

Stefanie Poole

Community Engagement Chair
Meg - 2-min

Meg Davidson

Community Engagement
Geoff - 2-min

Geoff Morton

Cindy - 2-min

Cindy Flanders


Robert Mitchell


Jay Wall



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