Our goal is to grow our student’s creativity by encouraging artistic aspirations through a fresh and proficient learning environment.

Schedule Spotlight Program


Broadway Boot Camp (Grades K-2) | 4:30pm-6:00pm
Starts February 24th, 2020


Teen Improv (Ages 13-17) | 5:30pm-7:00pm
Starts February 24th, 2020


Acting 2 (Grades 3-5) | 5:00pm-6:30pm
Starts February 25th, 2020




Classes are $189.00 for 8 weeks.


There is a $50.00 non-refundable fee if canceled any time after registering. There is a 24-hour “grace period” to cancel with full refund prior to a class starting.


There will be no refund of any portion of the class fee once a class has begun.


Broadway Boot Camp | Grades K-2
Broadway Boot Camp is a great introduction for little ones who want to try performing on stage! In the 8 weeks, they will learn some basics of musical theatre and complete a small musical showcase on Elm Street’s Main Stage with costumes, lights, and more! Whether it’s they’ve been in a show or it’s their first time on stage, Broadway Boot Camp focuses on each student with creative attention to the ensemble as well as the individual.


Teen Improv | Ages 13-17
Ready for an energetic, fun way to learn improv? Over the course of the program teens will learn and continue to improve their understanding of the rules of improv acting and the fun behind improv games. Students will also receive instruction from experienced iThink Improv Troupe members and improvisers.


Acting 2 | Grades 3-5
Acting 2 focuses more on the scene work with theatrical partners onstage. They work on building character relationships and focus on staging techniques, reactions, and delivery. No experience necessary as we work with all levels of talent!


*NEW* Advanced Musical Theatre | Grades 3-8
Advanced Musical Theatre focuses on singing and dancing in intermediate to advanced Broadway-style musical numbers. This class will emphasize on characterization and storytelling through song and dance in both group numbers as well as individual/duo/trio performance.


*NEW* From Stage to Screen | Grades 6-12
Lights! Camera! Action! From Stage to Screen introduces students to the style of screen acting and how it differs from stage acting. Through the course, students will learn monologues as well as scenes and learn how to perform them in the context of a film AND a stage production. Little to no experience is necessary!


Adult Improv: Level 1 | Ages 18+
This is an introduction to improvisation. This 8-week class will focus on getting you excited about improv. Whether you sign up to perform or to just try something new, this class is designed for you. The lessons of acceptance, confident vulnerability and collaboration that Improvisation has to teach us can make us better partners, parents, co-workers, friends and, well, people. No previous experience is necessary to take this class. Class ends with a graduation show.


Adult Improv: Level 2 | Ages 18+
This class will work on building characters and relationships. In this 8-week class, students will focus on accessing emotions in-the-moment, building characters and relationships on emotional perspectives, and using patterns of emotional behaviors to drive scenes forward. Entrance of Level 2 class requires completion of Level 1 and/or previous experience along with director approval of admittance. Class ends with a graduation show.