2017-18 Classes

Collage Series CLASSES:

“A time to grow.”

Our goal is to grow our student’s creativity by encouraging artistic aspirations through a fresh and proficient learning environment.

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Descriptions for each class is listed below.
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Grades K-2 |11707603_10152946327870978_1997176275452407748_n

Grades 3-5 |

  • Acting 1 – Tuesdays – 5:00-6:30pm**
    We have expanded this class! There will be two Acting 1 classes occurring on Tuesdays.
    If you are interested, please sign up before it’s too late! We only have 5 spots left!

Grades 6-8 |

Grades 9-12 |


Tuition ranges from $140-$200 for 6-8 week classes.
Fall classes begin September 4th, 2017.
Fall Showcase performance on Saturday, November 4th, 2017.
Not all classes are offered in both Fall/Spring.

Class descriptions can be found at the below.

SPOTLIGHT classes have prerequisites for auditioning.
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Acting 1 | Fall 2017 – 8 weeks | Explore the beginnings of acting by learning and understanding characters, movement, lines and subtext by performing with scene partners, props, and set pieces. Scenes will be chosen and assigned by the instructor.

Acting 1 & 2 | Fall 2017 – 8 weeks A combination of both Acting 1 & Acting 2 curriculum for an older group of students. Their class will perform scenes and monologues chosen by the instructor from appropriately well-known plays.
Rising Acting students in our Collage program will be continually challenged and material will reflect their talents.

Acting for Stage** | Fall 2017 – 8 weeksLearn the basics of blocking, memorization, movement, and projection as these budding students are introduced to the stage. This class will perform a small play at the end of the 8 weeks.

Teen Improv | Fall 2017 – 8 weeksWant to learn how to think on your feet? Perform an unscripted play in seconds? Put your improvisational skills to the test and learn the basics on how to be an improv actor. Students learn comic timing, scene building, group mind, and many other improv games and techniques used in shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and Elm Street’s own Whose Line Is It, Woodstock? No experience needed!

**These classes will have a final performance on the last day of their class, not at the Collage Showcase.**